Greenway Gardens

Our Practices

​What Makes Our Garlic Green?

All of our gourmet heirloom garlic originates from organic seed stock and was purchased right here in Wisconsin. It is often difficult for small scale farmers to meet the demands of the government in becoming "certified" organic. As a small scale farm ourselves, we may never have a certificate acknowledging our achievements in organic practice, but our commitment level to you is there all the same. For our family and for yours, we will continue to grow our produce completely chemically free, while using sustainable and natural farming practices. 

Our practices make all the difference. Please compare the superiority of our garlic to the one generic garlic variety you are used to seeing at your grocery store:

  • Generic Grocery Store Garlic - commonly grown by large scale commercial operations using synthetic chemical inputs: herbicides, fungicides, and petrochemical fertilizers
  • Greenway Gardens Gourmet Garlic - No herbicides. No pesticides. No fungicides. No petrochemical inputs. Fertilized with chicken poo and every single weed is pulled by human hands

  • Generic Grocery Store Garlic - may have been grown somewhere in the U.S., but was more likely grown in a foreign country
  • Greenway Gardens Gourmet Garlic - grown locally in Brooklyn, WI, a short drive south of Madison - buying locally encourages green farming by reducing carbon footprints

  • Generic Grocery Store Garlic - grown, handled and processed by an industrialized system of nameless, faceless people from      who-knows-where?
  • Greenway Gardens Gourmet Garlic - every bulb has been planted, cared for, harvested and handled by Tim and Bethany Groeneweg (and Isabelle too, our 2 1/2 year old daughter)

  • Generic Grocery Store Garlic - large scale garlic growers are better suited to growing softneck varieties, who's flavor pales in comparison to the hardneck varieties
  • Greenway Gardens Gourmet Garlic - offers 4 different hardneck varieties, the hardnecks being renowned for their rich, robust flavor

Every one of our 4,000 garlic bulbs is inspected for quality control. We clean our garlic only after it has had a chance to cure. Because garlic is more susceptible to bruise right after it has been pulled from the ground and before its outer layers have dried, we take extra care in how we handle it. This is also true of cleaning. We do not clean our garlic with water as others may because we believe the extra moisture can lead to mold and the spread of disease. We hope you can appreciate the measures we take in caring for our produce and we hope it makes all the difference when helping you choose where to buy your garlic.  So, when all is said and done, our garlic may not be dirt cheap but it is dirt friendly!