Greenway Gardens


We are The Groenewegs. Tim. Bethany. Isabelle. And Josephine.

We recently “moved to the country” in pursuit of our personal dreams and for the last 4½ years have worked diligently to bring new life to our property. Upon settling in we uncovered a whole series of ways we could turn working our land into a small scale business. 

Bethany has always been fond of gardening; as soon as she could walk she was helping her grandparents prepare/sow/harvest the family garden. Tim, lacking in gardening experience, has excelled in his ingenuity and his skill set to see and create a potential
business out of just about anything. The idea of taking gardening to the next level was his and became real when we began researching small-scale farming ideas that would generate enough profit to help us pay our property taxes. And so began our crazy adventure as garlic growers. Isabelle, at only 4½ years of age, is just as enthusiastic as we are about our current adventure and is proving to be a top-notch employee! (We've since added to our team, and big sister Isabelle is certain her little sister Josephine will make a swell garlic farmer.)

Our farm name was fashioned from our last name. Groeneweg, in Dutch, is the topographic name of someone who lived by a grassy path, a green-way. Greenway Gardens has many implications for us but one we are most proud of is our "roots", so to speak.

Garlic farming for now is just a hobby but we anticipate the day when our hobbies provide us the means to make our farm our permanent place of employment. It is our dream to see our property transformed into an agricultural oasis that will bless our family and yours! Thanks for stopping by and we hope you will consider us when looking for your supply of locally grown gourmet garlic!